Beach Weddings in Arizona

One of the more popular wedding trends these days is to have a “beach wedding.”

For those of us in landlocked Arizona who don’t want to force our guests to travel across two states to get to the coast, or fly away to an island, a beach wedding might seem to be a challenge. However, if you’re willing to settle for a freshwater sandy beach, with great scenery to boot, there are several “beach wedding” opportunities in Arizona that are much more impressive, romantic, and convenient than a coastal or tropical beach wedding. Here are a few ideas:

Sedona Beach Wedding

Sedona Wedding - Red Rock Crossing

Red Rock Crossing

This is an extremely scenic and very popular place to be married in the beautiful red rocks around Sedona. Many Sedona weddings take place at Red Rock Crossing on a red rock bench next to a scenic section of Oak Creek, with Cathedral Rock towering above. It’s common to have a local spiritual leader officiate the ceremony. After the ceremony, there are many photo opportunities in the area, with lots of red rocks, a big green lawn, and of course, Oak Creek. And you can rent a nearby gazebo if you want to have a low-cost outdoor reception.

Lake Havasu

You can have an island wedding in Arizona! Have your wedding on the beach, palm trees and all, on the island in Lake Havasu at Lake Havasu city, with London Bridge in the background! With lots of nearby lodging, and plenty of water activities, this is a fun place for you and your guests to chill out after the wedding!

Lake Powell

Lone Rock beach at Lake Powell is a massive beach with massive Lone Rock towering out of the middle of Lone Rock bay. Behind that are impressive red rock cliffs surrounding the bay. Or have your wedding at the lodge at Wahweap, near water’s edge and overlooking the lake, with Lone Rock and the Gunsight Butte in the background. Another possibility, for smaller parties, is to rent a houseboat (there are BIG houseboats at Lake Powell) and to have your wedding on the lake!

The Grand Canyon

Okay, it’s not really a beach, unless you use your imagination… Think of it as a petrified, prehistoric beach of Coconino Sandstone complete with coral outcrops of Kaibab Limestone. There is water and a real sandy beach, but it’s about a mile below along the Colorado River! But it’s hard to get better scenery than the Grand Canyon for your wedding, and if you plan far enough ahead, it’s easy to reserve rooms for yourself and your guests that are within walking distance of the canyon.

So if you’re thinking of a beach wedding, think Arizona!

Weddings at Red Rock Crossing are popular, so be sure to get your reservations in early. Sedona is busiest in Spring and Fall, while the rest of the Arizona “beach wedding” venues listed above are busiest in the summer. My primary location is the Verde Valley and Sedona, but I can travel to any Arizona location if my schedule allows it. Photographers are busy this time of year, so be sure to book your Beach Wedding Photographer early!

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